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The Stakana Story

Stakana started in 2008 as a consulting company, offering big bank business intelligence solutions to credit unions. Understanding the struggles of “one-size-fits-all” software, Nate believed that a key ingredient to successfully meeting the needs of credit unions was the ability to customize each offering to fit the goals of the client organization.

Though successful, it quickly became apparent that there was a pressing need for an automated solution that not only offered results analysis but employed Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create a predictive intelligence product.

That first version of our product released in 2015 with 5 pilot U.S. credit unions. Although results were promising, we found flawed results in some cases. We ended the pilot to re-engineer with a new Machine Learning protocol, allowing our product to scale to organizations of a variety of sizes.

In 2017, we made a decision to “pivot” the focus of the company and launch the Stakana Intelligence Platform while expanding our reach to include community banks with $100M to $50B in assets. Our initial focus is providing key predictive intelligence to help with customer retention. By 2019, Stakana will offer a range of customer intelligence analytics for financial institutions of all sizes, delivering a platform covering customer engagement, cross-sell, and acquisition intelligence.

Our Mission

To help small and mid-size banks and credit unions grow their client communities through customized intelligence solutions that help attract, retain and engage members and customers. And to do so in a way that benefits our community and the communities our clients are in.

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