Stakana Analytics helps financial institutions cultivate, and retain  their best customers utilizing a refined predictive analytics process managed by our team of seasoned data scientists. We strive to bring affordable cutting-edge analytics within reach of small financial institutions.


  • Our services provide the same value as a, full-time, self-managed, statistical team on staff with the appropriate software, yet at a much lower cost.
  • Every result we deliver will personally be reviewed by a living, breathing, and highly experienced statistician before you see it.
  • We use statistical techniques that the retail industry has successfully used for years, which the Big Banks are now implementing. Why not use these same techniques to compete against them and better serve your customers?


A Note from Nate:

I started Stakana Analytics along with my brother Ben, after developing my skills in predictive analytics with some of the most successful retailers in North America. I wanted to make an impact by using these skills to help smaller financial institutions better compete against the big banks. Ben and I grew up with a community bank (Onondaga Savings Bank) and joined our first credit union as teenagers (Empower Federal Credit Union). Community banks and credit unions have served us well throughout our lives, and we want to repay that debt by serving them now; at a time when the big banks are getting too large and powerful.

Simply put, I want to bring cutting-edge retail analytics within reach of small financial institutions at an affordable price. We use data analytics to anticipate your customers’
 needs so that you can appropriately target your marketing and better serve them. The retail industry has successfully used this approach for years, and now the Big Banks are implementing it. The smaller financial institutions shouldn’t be left behind, especially when

it’s actually easier for them to use these techniques due to their smaller information systems and the higher trust that their customers have in them over the Big Banks.

This overarching mission guides every aspect of our work, from our first discussion with your organization to delivering our final product. We work to integrate our results into your marketing processes, and even measuring your outcomes, allowing easy transition to productive action plans. We’re committed to helping you reach your strategic objectives for customer engagement and retention. In doing so, we will assist you in serving your customers significantly better and making you more competitive in the process.

Our team consists of expert analytics professionals from financial, retail, and other industries. Along with our small investor group, they are also longtime community bank and credit union supporters. The statistical techniques that we use have been effectively utilized by some of the biggest and most customer-focused retailers in our modern economy. Companies like Nordstrom, Amazon, and Starbucks all benefit from this type predictive analysis. We want to help you make full use of your customer data, which may be underutilized now.

Our team at Stakana Analytics and I would be excited to work with you. Meet our entire professional team of consultants and analysts.

Kind regards,

Nate Derby, CEO