We’re experienced data scientists and programmers who are longtime customers of community banks and credit unions.

Our Team

Nate Derby: President, Chief Data Scientist

Nate is an experienced statistician, specializing in predictive analytics for customer loyalty. Before working exclusively for financial institutions, he did predictive analytics for ten years in the retail industry for companies such as Nordstrom, T-Mobile, Ste Michelle Wine Estates, Intel, and Wunderman. He’s published over 20 technical papersgiven multiple seminars, and published two popular open-source analytics software packages. He’s also involved in the leadership of the Insurance & Finance SAS Users Group, a nonprofit educational organization serving analytics professionals in the financial industry.


Paul Avery: Vice President of Business Development

Paul has a strong commitment to client relationships and successful partnerships having worked in a business development role for much of his career. He understands the unique challenges of the data analytics puzzle and has a strong desire to work toward finding solutions that best suit your strategic goals. In his past roles he has worked with the data center industry globally and most recently with community banks and credit unions within the US to assist those organizations in meeting their strategic objectives. He is a willing participant in keeping your goals on track and providing you with the best results possible.

Janene Honan: Vice President of Finance

Janene has an eye for detail combined with flexibility and strong negotiation skills from a 20-year career in utilities trading. Her experience includes scheduling, balancing, and maintaining transaction records as well as effectively communicating with partners, vendors, and customers. She has a background in accounting.

Ben Derby: Strategic Advisor

Ben is an experienced fundraising and sales professional, with most of his experience in the nonprofit sector. He worked for ACT Theatre of Seattle for six years, where he piloted a number of fundraising innovations such as planned giving. He’s also advised a variety of other arts nonprofit organizations with development and fundraising. Working concurrently with some of Seattle’s non-profit organizations, Ben continues to help Stakana’s overall growth strategy.

Yonah Karp: Data Scientist

Yonah has worked under, over and inside finance, healthcare, and digital marketing data for 25 years. Analytics, data integration, and prediction are her specialties. She has also led teams and managed projects. Big-picture thinking added to good models and hard data, she believes (with respect for unique customer goals) are a recipe for success.

Andrea Wainwright-Zimmerman: Data Scientist

Andrea is an experienced statistician with 15 years at Capital One, becoming the data manager for the risk management team. Her duties included implementing statistical models, setting/enforcing coding standards, teaching SAS and other tools, and validating campaigns. She’s published many conference papers and is on the executive board of the SouthEast SAS Users Group, a nonprofit educational organization serving analytics professionals.

Ron Fehd: Senior Statistical Programmer

Ron has done statistical programming for 25 years at the Centers for Disease Control, where he administered SAS installations and was on their support team. He’s published over 50 conference papers, winning awards for many of them.

Mark Keintz: Senior Statistical Programmer

Mark has been a senior data analyst and programmer at Wharton Research Data Services since 2001, where he works extensively with financial data. Before that, he was a director of research computing for the Population Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania for over a decade. Mark’s current interests are in efficient uses of large data sets, implementation of financial analysis methods, and integrating new technologies into the research process.

Perry Watts: Senior Statistical Programmer

Perry has done statistical programming for 25 years, specializing in statistical graphics. She’s worked for the Fox Chase Cancer Center, US Bioscience, IMS Health, and Sanofi-Aventis, where she developed a graphics package for the entire company. She’s published over 35 conference papers as well as a book about statistical graphics.