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Collecting data about your customers and members is only part of the solution. We can help you use that data smartly.

You know what your customers and members do and how they generally interact with you but you’re still spending most of your time acquiring new customers or trying to figure out how to engage with your current ones.

Let us help. We have a team of experienced data scientists who analyze your data and can predict what your customers are going to do next.

Stakana Intelligence™

Flexible and customizable business intelligence to help you engage and grow.

We know how important your customers and members are to you. With the Stakana Intelligence Suite, combining our Captivate, Engage and Dynamics family, you’ll get accurate and timely information to help you cultivate, retain and engage your best and most loyal customers.

Stakana Captivate™

We know how important new customers and members are to you. That’s why we developed Stakana Captivate, a new and intuitive analysis of what drives your customers and members to be a part of your brand. Our seasoned data scientists review the data of your current and past customers and provide you with the intelligence you need to help Captivate new ones.

Stakana Retain™

We know how important customers and members are to the life of your community bank or credit union. That’s why we developed Stakana Retain™. By evaluating your data and the behaviors of your customers and members, we can pinpoint which groups of specific account-holders will likely leave you within a period of time.

When you know who is likely to leave, you’ll know who to target in your marketing efforts and saving money, time and stress. By targeting the individual account holders who are leaving, you’ll be able to focus your efforts on those who customers and members who mean the most: your current ones.

Stakana Engage™

An inactive customer or member may be telling you much more than you realize. Why spend dollar after dollar trying to replace customers who are leaving when you could find ways to engage them. Through our systematic and detailed analysis, we can – with a high level of accuracy – define and help you target those members and customers likely to leave you.

These days, customers expect you to know who they are and what they’re interested in. You need to know what each individual customer respond to, what channels they use, and how you can most effectively target them. And with the competition just a click away, you need to be able to act fast.

Stakana Engage helps you know who to target and why.

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