Keep Your Customers

The cornerstone to your customer growth plan lies within your ability to keep the customers you already have.

Using your existing data, Stakana forecasts your customers’ behavior with predictive analytics, revealing which of these customers have the greatest chance of withdrawing from your financial institution. You can then use this intelligence to target your retention marketing on those customers with the highest risk of leaving.

Customer growth among all financial institutions is an ever-increasing challenge and the utilization of predictive analytics is a useful method to increase growth and compete directly with big banks.

Rising to this challenge, Stakana Analytics offers predictive analytics tools that analyze a financial institutions data to predict which customers might close accounts, when and why. This information will enable the financial institution to focus their retention efforts more aggressively and with greater precision. The approach is powerful and requires analytics tools and expertise not typically budgeted by these institutions in the past. Stakana Analytics is making this an affordable and indispensible option.


Turn Your Data Into Action

Actionable Insight
Know which customers have the highest risk of leaving with best estimates of why they’re at risk, and a measure of their lifetime value.

Cutting-Edge Predictive Methods
Stakana uses the same innovative analytics methods used by distinguished retailers like Nordstrom & Amazon, tested on consumer data from a financial institution.

Receive detailed documentation showing exactly how your results were calculated.

Best Practices
Receive information about how to best use the results to improve customer retention.

Code Option
Have the choice of purchasing our code, complete with documentation, training, and support.

Priced on a sliding scale, based on asset size, quality predictive analytics is within reach of your community bank or credit union.